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Frequently Asked Questions
How do you ensure the quality of your Ruby on Rails developers?
We maintain developer quality through rigorous hiring processes, continuous training, and performance evaluations, ensuring a skilled and adept Ruby on Rails team.
What version control systems and deployment tools do you use for Ruby on Rails development?
We utilize industry-standard version control systems such as Git, hosted on platforms like GitLab, GitHub, AWS CodeCommit, Azure Repos, or Bitbucket. Additionally, we incorporate CI/CD pipelines for streamlined development and deployment release cycles.
Can you handle data migration and application transition seamlessly?
Yes, we hold expertise in seamless data migration and application transitions, utilizing proven strategies and tools to ensure a smooth and error-free process.
What testing methodologies do you employ for Ruby on Rails applications?
We employ RSpec, a Ruby gem designed for testing code. Our focus lies in Unit and Integration testing of backend logics, closely simulating frontend client requests to identify and eliminate unexpected flows. SimpleCov, integrated with RSpec, ensures test coverage of at least 75%, with a goal of 90-95%, ensuring reliability and high performance in applications.
How do you handle security considerations in Ruby on Rails development?
We implement robust security measures in RoR development, including secure coding practices, regular code reviews, and staying updated on the latest security patches to ensure a resilient and secure application.
How do you keep Ruby on Rails applications technologically up-to-date?
Our team employs a phased approach, conducting thorough assessments, strategic planning, and incremental implementation to minimize downtime and ensure a smooth Rails upgrade.

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