Mobile applications thrive in the market with creativity, innovation and problem-solving capabilities. Web development companies had to become equally competitive and the technical expertise of web developers has been pushing the limits beyond imagination. Maintaining customer relations through websites has been crucial to keep the businesses going, especially with online purchases at its highest now.

Transferring mobile traffic via web development

The watershed happened when accessibility of websites shifted to compact mobile devices and not just desktops. As the platform moves forward with the help of technology, the future looks bright with the influence of AI, IoT, quantum computing, etc. In the first quarter of 2020, 48.76% of web traffic was from mobile devices in the US.

No one wants to use a website that has limited access or is not user-friendly. According to a survey, 51.98% of web page views are using mobile internet and 74% of them are more likely to return if they had a good experience. Accessibility on any device defines web development today. Adapting to new trends and enhancing customer experience keeps them active and thriving in the market space.

Adaptability in web app development

As much as mobile applications demand change and adaptability, the web development market is also constantly evolving. Albeit being a challenge to keep up with it, the future is here. E commerce sites are classic examples of the importance of a good web development and pushing the customers to use their platform regularly.

The following are some of the trends that could define the future of web development.

1. Artificial Intelligence

Usage of AI in web development has already started and it will be a vital trend in the future. Top companies like Google and Microsoft have introduced AI to the public forum where people can build their own websites. The latest implementation of AI is Grid, which does not need any coding or templates. A few instructions are put forth and the development is done.

Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) automates the process of design to an extent. As the tools develop further, they could prove to be a huge asset in web development.

Speech recognition has become the latest trend to become a part of daily life through devices like Alexa and Siri. This field is fast-growing and currently, they have grown to understand various accents and local dialects. The future of this is having voice assistants at work place and other public areas to assist common people.

2. Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT refers to things, humans, animals, machines, and so much more connected to the internet and forming a network. They collect data and assist in human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. Data collection and analysis has become more important than ever, and each business lives on data.

Although developing a web is not directly involved with IoT, it uses data to define the direction that the process should take. IoT basically involves in easier management and decision making.

Currently, a few companies are employing Application Programming Interfaces to connect apps and physical devices. Wearable fitness devices like fitness bands are a classic example to demonstrate this process. The future promises a wider platform and more direct involvement of IoT in web development process.

3. Virtual Reality

The last few years have seen the influence of VR on every industry. Web development has been no different, but it remains in the beginning stages now. The designers are using it to create a stimulating environment using computer technology. They allow users to have a 3D experience of the websites and keep them interactive.

The advantage VR carries is that it offers an experience none of the traditional interfaces can offer. Virtual tours or trials before buying a product or service will become commonplace soon. VR will remain on top as long as the tech is used in the right ways at right times.

The challenge with implementing VR in web development is the amount of skill it requires to achieve. A web developer trying to incorporate VR should have skills in research, evaluation, implementation and also the courage to try new and innovative VR technologies.

4. No-code/Low-code apps

As discussed, codes and templates are long gone and simple instructions can create a website. This means that the manual work required for front-end development is at the least. Businesses will soon be able to create websites without assistance and they can even make informed decisions without the presence of a tech expert.

Thus, a resource with only front-end knowledge may not have a great future ahead. Companies are looking to recruit full-stack developers who can move to back-end while the front-end fades away completely.

The current technology helps in designing the basic structure of a website, while the tech experts work on customizing it according to the products and the target users. They are expected to have a mobile-first approach so that the increasing number of mobile users can access all the options easily. This will eventually lead to a better conversion rate for the website.

4. Biometrics over PINs and passwords

The mobile technology has already shifted to eliminating passwords by using face IDs and thumbprints. People generally hate passwords because of the complicated characters that are demanded. When each website requires such identity check and validation, it becomes impossible to remember all of them.

Education, businesses, politics, almost every field is reliant on websites now. To ensure security and user-friendly access, biometrics can replace the current identity technology. Online transactions can make use of either thumbprints or face ID.

A sneak peek at the future shows that the tech will not require any actions to prove one’s identity. It’s almost like walking into a physical store and picking what we like. One smart tech that is to make waves in the market is automatic online transactions. It works when a person buys something from a store, they can walk out without making physical payments. The money will be deducted from the bank account automatically and in case of insufficient funds, they will not be able to leave the store.

This allows them to not reveal personal details in the presence of anyone else. Shops can also be safe from thieves.

What does a Web app development company look for?

The progressive web development industry has opened up for more fresh talents who can fulfil a larger role. They also provide creative control and play with innovations and newer technologies. There are several factors that go into web development. Project management has become easier and is well on the way to make things seem like nothing. A web developer can also explore other areas as these skills are transferrable and applicable in various other fields.

In conclusion, web development is future proof. The key lies in staying updated on the latest tech developments and the changing trends in the market. Although a lot of these tech have become a part of daily life, we hardly notice the change. The best way is to look back and understand how far we have come.

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