“You need three things to create a successful start-up: to start with good people, to create something customers actually want and to spend as less as possible” – Paul Graham

Startups are hubs of innovation and hungry minds. Although the people associated are brimming with ideas, financial situation remains challenging for most of them, pushing some of them over the edge sometimes. To bring the creative ideas to reality, especially in mobile apps, it takes the right partner to do it in their only shot. Both sides need to understand the reality and work around with the available resources. However, there cannot be any compromise on quality. To ensure the right partner is picked, the start-up must keep certain things in mind.

Before we leap into the steps to choose the right mobile app partner, let’s discuss why they should focus on Android first.

  • Android apps are developed using common languages like Java and other related ones.
  • They are easier to create as there are several open sources while iOS has limited sources and external help cannot be sought.
  • Android has a wider market reach with 74.13% of users worldwide in 2019.
  • Creating an Android app is less expensive.
  • They are also easy to customize as they operate on open source and different APIs can be used for modification.
  • Faster app approvals. The firm need not wait for a long time to get their product approved, which means quicker reach to the market.

Define initial requirements from the Android app development company

Before approaching an android app development company, the purpose and initial launch requirements of the app should be well defined. This helps in pitching the ideas easier and clearer from the beginning. This also helps the start-ups understand a basic budget requirement, based on the market prices. This also means that the features to be launched first are finalized and are prioritized.

Have a list of probable app development partners

There are several app develop partners, both individual and firms, that can fulfill your requirements. Based on the time, availability and budget, a basic research would help finding out whom to reach and whom to avoid. App development partners usually come with their own perks. Deciding who can fit into your niche and help you stand out in the market should be a careful process.

What to look for in an android app development partner

Here are some of the pointers to consider before choosing an android app development partner

  • Their portfolio
  • Interest in your idea
  • Technology stack
  • Business knowledge
  • Strategic planning
  • Proper communication from the beginning
  • Development practices and ethics
  • Things inclusive and exclusive of the process

Mobile app development companies in Toronto

Canada is known for its investment in innovation and technology. The government has engraved several paths for companies to lead innovative technology in the world. In such a hub, mobile app development companies have been on the rise and the market does not disappoint. Top mobile app development companies have come from the start-up arena and they are giving tough competition to big firms.

Since start-ups are climbing to the top, big firms are coming forward to invest in them. Mobile app development companies are reaching their prime potential in a short time with help from all angles.

Rootquotient is determined to stay on top in innovation and making dreams come true for companies wanting to build their own mobile applications. Contact us with your requirements and let’s make your ideas a reality.

Myths about Android app development

1. Development is the end of it all

Although development is the first major step to launch an android mobile application, it is important to remember that it is only the first step. More features, updates, performance tracking, customer retention, customer engagement, etc., are only some of the next steps to follow. The hustle must continue as mobile applications have endless possibilities.

2. Ask for feedback inside the known circle

While asking for feedback is necessary for improvements, it should be gathered from real users and probable users to attain the desired results. Real users can give the market’s perspective and insights that are valuable to make any required changes.

The global mobile app market is set to generate more than 925 billion US dollars by 2023. Of these, the top three gaming apps on Google Play Store alone will generate up to 40 billion US dollars each. This shows the demand in the market for Android based apps and also the competition prevailing in the market. Non-gaming apps like Tinder, Pandora are on top of the list of revenue generation.

For a startup to invest in Android app development is sure to lead to success considering the market demands, provided the product is top notch. This can be assured only by expert app developers. In Canada, android app development companies charge anywhere between $25 and $150 an hour. This wide range acts as an advantage for start-ups that cannot afford much in the initial stages.