6 reasons why custom software development should be sought after in any business

Products and services are built to resolve issues and each business strives to be unique and have an edge over competitors in the market. While the perpetual rate race demands instant thinking and stand-out ideas, getting something off the shelf simply dissolves the purpose. A custom software only can address specific needs of a business and the clients. Multiple needs require niche software to accommodate them.

As businesses look to scale, customers should be able to find everything aligning with the products and services provided. If the software does not address the user needs and is not completely relevant to the product, it might as well not be in place. Microsoft spends about $14.7 billion only on R&D of software development.

The never-ending market demands create a necessity for digital solutions and this also provides an immediate space to resolve complex business issues internally. A third-party software may not be fully suitable for a particular business. Although initially it may not be required, in the longer run, only custom software can withstand the business changes, product modifications or updates and any other transition usually involved in a business. Any scaling business cannot do with an existing software. On an average, 27% of software companies invest in custom software development. 1 in 8 firms spend more than 50% on the same.

If you are still not convinced, here are some reasons why custom software development will prove to be worthy and necessary.

1. Easier system integration

Various features from various vendors may suit a business and each of them requires different levels of implementation support right from architecture to infrastructure. With time and money not in favor of businesses all the time, it is a tedious task to implement outside software. However, a custom software is built with the business, products and the users in mind, thus making it simpler and easier to integrate into the system. The entire technology system becomes streamlined and exists as a single unit making it the perfectly fitting last piece of the puzzle.

2. Better scalability

A lot of available software promise large scalability space but none of these can address the unique requirements of a business. They may not be flexible and have restricted scope, giving another major reason for businesses to choose custom software. Customization means better scalability opportunities and easier to process workflow. This also saves money, time and effort on additional subscriptions and licensing. As businesses grow at their own pace, software should not be a limitation for growth.

3. Increased security

Custom software is built for individual use. When only your business uses it, there is no risk of security breaches. All business information remains secure and private. In a world of compromised cyber security, it is important to maintain business data and secrets within to continue having the edge over competitors and not focus on externally induced issues like security. This costs money, effort and time and may drain businesses of some crucial time and money.

4. Independence

Buying a software means complying to their price, terms and conditions. It also means depending on their future of the business. For instance, if the software development company stops updating their product suddenly, the whole business is left hanging until they find another software compatible to the business. This creates unnecessary pressure and an unpleasant experience. A custom software is independent of any outside source, thereby making it possible to use as long as the business requires and also upgrade along with the business. As the business grows, the software upgrades and supports every step or move.

5. Customized solution

“The customer experience is the next battleground” – Jerry Gregoire.

As CX (customer experience) is gaining prominence, filling the void and addressing the specific needs of a customer places the CX at its best. This also leverages the customer relationship management (CRM), which is necessary for a product to stay relevant to their needs. Customized solution is also an indicator that the company is serious and passionate about reaching the customers and the company’s growth and success. A personal touch never fails to create an impression in the customer’s mind.

6. Space for innovation

Any business cannot survive without innovation. When diverse customers seek a product, innovation to satisfy all their needs becomes the heart of the business. A third-party software may not accommodate these innovations. If they need help with their innovation, they should wait for the software developer to create space to deploy their ideas. Without depending on other technology and without the fear of succeeding, custom software can allow all the space needed for innovation at any given stage of the business.

Initially, custom software may look like a huge investment. However, it is a one-time investment that would compliment the business as long as it exists. Further investment would only be for upgradation, which is not as much as relying on an external source. When the ecosystem is built, everything behaves as one elevating the business as a whole. a standard framework cannot and need not decide how a business fits in. Custom software is the best way to compliment the uniqueness and the niche area that a business fits into. Follow the link to know how to choose an app development partner.