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Software has become a household name with technology influencing everyday life. It has come to a point where almost every person walks around with a handy digital world in their hands. Information Technology is a broad term that includes a number of devices and their functions including storage, retrieving information, sending information, etc. Software is a niche area which focuses on technology, product development, technology-based services, distribution, etc. Toronto is becoming one of the hubs for software development companies. A software development company can project itself in the market with two kinds of offers.

Product-based companies

Software companies can come up with their own products to reach the end users, both businesses and individual customers. These are mostly problem-solving products and the companies invest time and money on technology, innovation and solutions. Google and Microsoft are classic examples of product-based companies which offer innovative solutions for every day needs.

Service-based companies

When products exist in the market, businesses still turn to companies offering custom software development for their unique requirement. Service-based companies build bespoke products for each and every client. This is always B2B. Product-based companies often seek their help as an extension or augmentation of their teams to reduce the burden of having separate resources only for service of their products.

Software development companies in Canada

Canada may be famous for various other things like maple syrup and beautiful cold weather, but some of the leading software companies find their base in Canada.

The following are some of the areas of expertise software development companies venture into:

1. Building digital solutions

Be it a generic digital solution for a problem or a customized solution for specific problems, software companies use technology to build them. Industries ranging from food, fashion, fitness, sports, finance, lifestyle, and many more have relied on software solutions on varied levels.

Building websites, mobile and web applications, FinTech, are some of the ways in which they help. Any firm, big or small, requires easy access to customers. Machine learning and blockchain are the major trends now.

Adobe is a good example of providing digital experience to the public without having to rely on experts. The company sees an annual revenue of $7.7 billion.

2. Creating software programs

Programming is the heart of software. Software companies create individual software programs or ones that are compatible with another product. Such multiple products serve as a company for the main product and are called ‘companion products’

They also work on maintaining and upgrading the software regularly. Hence, programming is a continuous process in software unlike hardware, which does not get regular upgrades or improvisations. Although brand building and brand extension requires massive work to gain customer trust, once successful, these have the potential to hit the highest revenue. Microsoft suite of products like Office, Word, Power point, Excel, etc., are some of the examples.

3. Designing

Design and programming go hand-in-hand. Designing involves anything ranging from a website to an application or a solution that would reach or benefit the end user. Designing is dependent on who will be using the software and each design is specifically made according to the requirements.

This process is complete after a series of steps including building and testing the products until the desired results are achieved. Web-based systems assist corporates in increasing productivity with automation and facilitate work-flow management. Flutter, React Native, Rails, Python, RaspberryPi are some of the technology stacks used for building a product.

4. Technical consultation

No product or service flows without hiccups. Expert guidance and advice are much needed to decide the right direction for a product. Digital transformation is happening in almost all industries and right now is the time for consultation to step up and provide unique digital strategies and ideas to make it smoother and fast.

IoT, mobility, automation, data analytics are some of the areas where technical consultation is majorly required. A digital roadmap prepares businesses for change and reaffirm their path ready for the future.

Data plays a key role in defining the marketplace. These companies also help firms collect data of varied range to help them make informed decisions.

Rootquotient - a promising Software company in Toronto

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The bottom line is that a software development company does everything a digital world requires to make the world more technologically equipped. Any firm, big or small, requires digital innovation to survive in the modern world and software companies are leading the way. The global software market is expected to reach $507.2 billion by 2021. This is mainly because programming has become more accessible and software is present everywhere. Big firms operate with experts in place and now there are several freelancers pitching in to help companies build software.

The right way to choose a software development company to work for you would be to research on their background, understand their experience related to your requirement and identify if they are proficient enough in adapting the technology required for your product.