A 5-step guide on the before, during and after the process

Mobiles have become the devices the world cannot do away with. By 2023, mobile apps are expected to reach a revenue of 925 billion US dollars. The Himalayan numbers prove that the best way to reach consumers is through mobiles, and apps are the most ideal ways to reach them. Apps are the new retail. In North America alone, the number of mobile app downloads is set to reach 15.2 billion by 2023.

Accordingly, mobile app development companies have been on the rise. Choosing a mobile app development company can be the make or break for a business. Since there are umpteen apps available, user retention takes the utmost importance. According to statistics, only 32% of users returned to an app in 2019, reducing from 38%.

Although there are specific conditions to choose any app development partner, mobile app development has its own niche which has to be addressed while choosing a partner. In today's world of app development, catering to both android and iOS app development is the key to reach a wider range of audience.

Before choosing a mobile app development company, the following should be laid down clearly by the firm looking for a partner:

  • What does the firm specialize in?
  • What’s the purpose and expected outcome of the app?
  • What’s your unique selling point? (USP)
  • Where does the project stand currently?
  • When is the app going to be launched?

These are some of the points to be clearly mentioned to the app development company before discussing the project.

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Here are some of the aspects to consider while choosing a mobile app development partner

1. Research based on business requirement

A simple Google search might list a number of mobile app development companies to approach. However, choosing one is not that simple. Business requirements including necessary features, budget, time constraints, the right kind of technical resources, etc., should be considered before finding the right partner. This is important because it avoids unnecessary discussions and meetings with people who might not fulfil the requirements.

2. Experience

If the firm has a prior experience working on similar apps, it would be an added advantage to explain where you stand out and what you exactly need. It would also give a sense of confidence while handing over the project. Besides, there might be creative suggestions to enhance the current ideas as they know what works and what does not. One need not question their interest in the project as they have succeeded in something similar previously.

3. Client feedback

In spite of having rich experience, how a company works with their clients define the entire process. It is better to reach out to the previous clients personally rather than through other references to receive unbiased opinions. Any opinion is valuable and should be considered seriously as mobile app development is not a one-time affair. It is a journey through which the partners should sail with no problems.

4. Long term relationship

Mobile app development does not end with the first level of development. As already mentioned, it is a journey. Improvements, updates, understanding customer needs and implementing changes happen through the life cycle of an app. Launching is merely the first step. A developer should stick with the client through the process and assist in the greater evolvement of an app. A good long-term relationship keeps the app afloat and interesting.

5. Design

A mobile app is not mere coding. It should keep user experience as the top most priority. Design takes the prime spot to achieve that. Their previous works reveal their design principles and how user friendly their creations are. Creative direction from the developer is important as they know what is achievable and what is not. Some firms offer a mock-up of design during the proposal phase, which is an advantage.

6. Maintenance policy

Maintenance is not just about fixing bugs. It means sticking with the client throughout the app’s life cycle. Maintenance policy includes discussing the charges for assistance in the future, ongoing support, cost per new release, their policy on fixing bugs. Each company has its own policy, which should be transparent from the beginning.

Android and iOS app development

It can be easy to be overwhelmed with the amount of choices in the market. Most of the app development firms cater to both android and iOS development. Cross platform development reduces time and money involved in the launch. When consumers are not obstructed by the device they own, it opens to a much wider range of users.

In short, a mobile app development partner should be experienced, enthusiastic about the project, transparent and easy to approach, prioritize the design, have technical expertise and have good communication. Making into reality what was envisioned is no easy task, and it lies in the hands of the developers. Hence, choosing an app development partner plays a major role in the success of an application.

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