Top tech companies that have found a home in Toronto

Toronto has proven to be one of the top cities to provide opportunities in the tech field recently. According to a report in 2019, Toronto was the third top North American city in terms of both the number of jobs and talent pool. It offers almost equal opportunities as the Bay Area in San Francisco. Inc. Magazine has named it the “startup hotspot” and it has lived up to the name. This also means that the city’s economic landscape has witnessed a much-needed boost.

With the government stepping in to help with several schemes to uplift technological inventions, several companies are setting up their bases in Toronto. Big heads like Google, Twitter and Microsoft have their satellite offices across Toronto. Uber and Shopify are other major investors to have shifted focus to the city.

Beyond software development companies in Toronto

Although software occupies the majority of the market, Toronto’s tech scene has much more to offer. Fintech, automobile technology, smart homes, EdTech, cryptocurrency are some of the fields that have seen a boom in Toronto. 2019 saw a 16.6% increase in employment in the tech industry alone since 2018, with 60,408 new opportunities. There were 1,729 tech establishments in 2019 in Toronto.

It is safe to say that the city is among the top places in the world for both investment and opportunities. The following are some of the top tech companies to look for in Toronto.


Founded in 2007, this smart home tech business specializes in building tech that helps conserve time and energy. To reduce carbon footprint, technology met the purpose of driving more people to become responsible. Home tech is the future. They further expanded its business to commercial spaces and multi-family buildings.

Devices like thermostats, air filters, cameras, etc., are connected to smartphone enabling automation. The purpose of the business has reached the employees as well, as they primarily focus on innovation. They are open to change, innovation and new ideas. This means there are open opportunities that utilize the skills and knowledge of employees to the fullest.


This is an example of potential customers becoming manufacturers and business owners. In 2006, the creators of Shopify could not find snowboard equipment online that matched their expectations. This eventually led to creating a space for merchants to keep a track of all the aspects of their businesses.

Toronto is one of the cities where they have an office and operate with resources from all over the world. With COVID – 19 troubling the entire world, Shopify has been working digitally for a long time. Their policy of digital opportunities has opened the doors for talents from all over the world. They recruit people from any country with the necessary work permits. The current pandemic is a testament to prove that this work policy could be the future to acquire the best minds from all over the world.

Top Hat

EdTech is one of the industries that has been thriving during the tough times of pandemic. Top Hat is an education platform that allows professors to provide better education for their students via live-streaming classes, create quizzes, share questions, initiate discussions, record class meetings and so on. This platform is used by 750 universities across North America since its inception in 2009.

Their expansion into Toronto has led to even professionals using the platform for daily meetups, lunches, social gatherings, etc. While education remains the main focus, its expansion to create a better social life for anyone shows its primary purpose – to create a safe and easier social and academic platform. Great minds come together and can make wonders happen.


While Oracle has field offices all over Canada, expansion into Toronto has opened a wide range of business possibilities. Several software companies – startups and giants – have found a home in Toronto. Oracle is known for its innovative software technology and cloud systems.

As the company focuses on innovation, it also gives space for the employees to have a flexible work schedule pushing them towards better work-life balance. This leads to happier employees and more productive hours. Oracle’s success in numbers (only behind Microsoft and Alphabet) is a testament to giants hopping on to cities where they can see multi-fold expansion of businesses.


A global leader in video games, the French company Ubisoft found its perfect space in Toronto. The goal of the firm in Toronto is to include diverse employees and have a more inclusive workspace. With the current world dominated by talks on racism and other discriminatory practices, this comes as a breath of fresh air and need of the hour.

They have opportunities open for new graduates and students, thus welcoming fresh minds to their firm. This caters to more innovation and newer ideas. They also have the Ubisoft Graduate program which permits students to actively participate with the production team. Fresh perspectives and innovations speak for themselves in a field that requires constant innovation.

Toronto – a global tech leader

There are several other firms like Cisco, Traderev, Care guide, Sensibill, Wattpad, Loopio, Influitive, Flipp etc., that add to the flare of the tech industry in Toronto. The wide range of industries in the list shows the variety the city has to offer. It offers careers of one’s dreams and is one of the leading places for tech industries to find their homes in North America. The city also has strong ties to the tech hub and nearby city of Kitchener-Waterloo and also has a remarkable venture capital influx, showing all signs to become a global tech leader shortly.

A beginner or an experienced professional, a startup or a tech giant, Toronto has a lot to offer and take back. This should be your ideal destination if you wish to flourish. Rootquotient is an epitome of this. Contact our experts to make your software dreams a reality.