A checklist to be the best custom software development company

Custom software has become the most preferred form as it is more flexible and niche for a business. However, it does come with a price – literally and metaphorically. While the cost is on the higher end, the actual price is paid if the firm does not choose the right software development partner. By 2019, there were 23.9 million software developers all over the world and it is projected to go up to 29 million by 2024. The Himalayan numbers are proof enough to show how many options a firm might consider before choosing their development partner.

While the debate on custom software vs off-the-shelf software still continues, most of the companies invest once and for all in custom software to suit their business at any stage. Business aspects like analytics, efficient operation, management, etc., are the foundation of a good development partner. However, what the firm offers beyond this to add value to the product and business as a whole gives them an edge.

Customization and adaptability play a huge role in addition to the software solutions provided. It has to cater to both present and the future. If you or your firm is looking for a custom software developer, consider the following as your primary checklist to choose a custom software developer.

1.  Effective communication

A good communication involves more listening and understanding than just speaking. Communicating the software solutions and presenting what the developers can bring to the table is just the beginning. Client requirements are presented with trust and the hope that the developer would get everything they say and create a specific solution. This also builds confidence in the minds of the clients and builds the foundation of trust to be carried throughout the journey.

Not every customer is the same, so is every business. Custom software development is all about personalized solutions and proper communication is the only way to ensure perfection. The developer should also make clear on what they can bring to the table.

2. Experience

Although experience is not the be it and end of it all, it adds value more than anything else. There are umpteen new developer companies in the market. However, there is no teacher better than experience. Since each development in custom software is unique, the experience teaches the firm something new. The more the better.

Quality is crucial to stay in the business. If a firm has been in the business for a few years, it proves their fit in the market. If the firm is new, looking for a team with experienced developers compensates for it. Be it individual or as a firm, only experience is a testament to their quality.

3. Customer is a part of the team

Custom software development is a journey with both customers and developers travelling hand-in-hand. Treating them as different entities makes it a mere business deal, which may result in mismatch of expectation and execution. The developers and customers should share a smooth relationship.

This also comes in handy to identify requirement gaps, rather than simply fulfilling the requirements mechanically. It is impossible to consider all the scenarios upfront. A good rapport between both the parties allows empathy and better communication. The bigger picture is that any flaw or gap in the initial plan can be dealt with easily and the outcome is the best that can be provided in that moment.

4. Agile methodology over waterfall

Agile is the methodology in which development and testing are done concurrently throughout the process of development. This ensures each stage is verified and the final product is flawless. Agile products are 28% more successful than the others. While 71% of the companies prefer Agile, 98% of them have been successful.

The culture also involves a great leadership model that allows the leaders to help and mentor the employees rather than bossing around. This ensures immediate learning and less problems with development process. Participation from leadership creates a collective environment internally, which will be displayed with the customers as well.

5. Transparency in pricing

If an SME is in need of a development partner, cost plays a huge role in their choice. Although there are at least a handful of factors to consider, cost could be the make or break for finalizing a partner. Creating a budget before shortlisting the potential partners helps. However, during the initial communication, it is necessary that the firm is honest with their pricing. Breaking down the pricing list and explaining what costs how much creates a fuss-free platform to work on.

Dishonesty in this will end in conflicts. If a firm tries to hide any of the pricing aspects, it is safe to walk away.

Software development company in Toronto

Toronto has become the hub for software development. From giants like Microsoft and Google setting up their satellite base to start-ups thronging to the city, Toronto has become the third highest in terms of software development opportunities in North America. The city is thriving on its software scenario and is well on its way to be on the top in the entire world.

What else enhances the greatness?

As a custom software developer, there are other smaller aspects to consider like information security, strong portfolio, good management, business skills, vision, etc. These add to the aspects explained above and create the dream developer customers would fight for.

If you are a firm looking to find a development partner, it is important to check these boxes and not compromise. A compromise at this stage would lead to a disaster. Here is how to choose software development company.

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