The world has come down to the one device we hold in our hands. What better business strategy than reach out to them via the same device? Mobile apps are more comfortable and easier to access. The current world operates on mobile apps for literally anything one can think of – from grocery shopping to workouts to entertainment. Mobile apps generated a worldwide revenue of 462 billion US dollars in 2019. 90% of people’s mobile time is spent on apps.

How do mobile apps contribute to business?

A mobile app development company acts as a business aid and allows the business to extend beyond the current market capacity. It not only provides service options to the customers but also acts as a marketing channel. A customer can receive direct notifications and prompts on offers, new products, etc., leading to better accessibility. Mobile apps also create a better space for brand recognition and results in more loyal customers. Thus, increased brand value via mobile apps can increase the customer base.

Toronto has become the “start-up hub” and also one of the most preferred places for tech investment. Top mobile app development companies in Toronto offer the best price and some of the most unique solutions. With the government trying to boost tech investments, Toronto has stood up to the occasion and has reached the third place in the whole of North America in terms of tech development and opportunities. Rootquotient has been recognized as one of the top mobile app development companies in Toronto.

Mobile app development in Toronto has taken a massive leap in the past few years. Android app development and iOS app development are being done simultaneously to reach a wider audience right from the time of launch. Mobile app development in Toronto has become one of the best and the cheapest ways to launch an app in the market.

Why hiring a mobile app developer is a good idea?

With ideas for mobile apps overflowing in the market, very few manage to sustain and see continuous profit. An app development still needs investment after the development stage. However, to develop the mobile app, expert hands are needed to ensure perfection. Developing an app is tedious and meticulous process.

Top mobile app development companies offer customized and niche services that fit the product. Factors like cost, time to develop the app, experience, transparency should be considered before choosing a mobile app development partner. There are also freelancers who might fit into the business model.

With unique strategies and creative campaigns, mobile app development companies offer much more than merely developing the app. Also, when the exact requirements are communicated, the necessary changes can be made through the development process. A gap in the customer’s vision can be identified by experts and they are up-to-date with trends and strategies.

Although there is no direct answer to whether every business needs a mobile app development partner, it is safe to say that expert involvement creates immense value and precision to the mobile app.

Here are 4 reasons why you should hire a mobile app development partner

1. Add value to business

Besides developing a good app, mobile app development partners can involve in strategic customer engagement and create options to constantly stay in touch with them. Today’s users like customized experiences and interactive apps. Expert hands can help achieve this with placing the right marketing strategies through the apps from time to time.

2. Offer unique experience

While the app itself is built unique to cater a service or a product, each user likes a customized experience. By achieving this, it not only increases the brand value but also creates a larger customer base. Global retention rate of apps stands only at 32% in 2019, decreasing from 38% in 2018. This concern can be addressed and systematically dealt with only by experts.

3. Old and new audience

While the above-mentioned strategies are important to retain existing customers, enhancing the user base defines the success of a mobile app. Currently, there are 3.5 billion smartphone users in the world. Popular platforms like Android and iOS form the majority. Creating a mobile app catering to both the software allows access to most of the users. It can also be integrated to social media and website apps to create a network and provide an overall experience.

4. Data collection

For anyone remotely related to app development, data plays a major role in the direction of the app in the future. Data is a crucial source to understand how an app is perceived by actual users. The more data, the better clarity in taking important decisions. This helps in improving user experience and create more and better sales of a product or service.

Mobile app development in Toronto comes with a competitive price and has proven to be on par with the market in San Francisco. Top app development companies have invested in Toronto and a lot of them are moving their bases to the city. A top mobile app development company should offer flawless app development and have good ears to understand each and every requirement of a customer – be it android app development or iOS app development or both. A mobile app development company should have the necessary resources and talent pool to achieve every unique need of a customer. As a customer, these are factors to consider while choosing a mobile app development partner.

Rootquotient offers exactly that and more, depending on your personal expectation and requirement. Reach to our experts to understand what your app requires and strategies to expand your customer base.